Quest for Fertility Soil!

    Expertise in Agriculture from Global agency Limited looking very keen while taking soil     sample for laboratory  measurement.




  • Group of Engineer from Inspur headquarter in China are taking a meeting with local partner Global Agency limited to the preparation of their Project.




  •      Team Work


         Team Work2


  • From left: Mr Ishengoma( Agronomist), Mr Vedastus(Consultant from Chigotoplus) and Winifrida Bashasha( Assistant Director Global Agency) at Unique Farm workshop/yard,  during the base line survey at Kabingo village.


  • Global Agency team with the participants of Barley Stakeholders meeting held at Kagera regional office in 22nd july, 2014.

  • Mr. Banson from TBL with Agricultural Engineer in the Farm yard, inspecting one of the new purchased Tractor at Buchurago Barley Farm owned by Global Agency Limited.


  • Get together conversation after Farm visit at Buchulago Farm yard. From left side is Mr ; Baddal, Bashaha(Draft shirt), Ishengoma, Banson and Kalokola


  • Global Agency Limited Staff during the official visit to the Missenyi District Commissioner’s office at Bunazi-kyaka


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